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  1. I honestly don’t see the need to change the zoning to allow businesses on the West Genesee Street corridor. Houses are selling, and the businesses that are already there are doing well as is. Please consider keeping the corridor zoning as it is. It would be a shame to let it go commercial like Fairmount is.

  2. I have recently learned that an evaluation of the problems and opportunities specific to the W.Genesee St. Corridor are Not being included in the Comp Pla. I consider this a gross abdication of duty on the part of the Comp plan Committee and a fraud against the tax payers.Shame on you !

  3. Jerry, Following the Comprehensive Planning Committee meeting last Monday evening, I took the opportunity to update myself on the status of the Comprehensive Planning Committee recommendations. Unfortunately, I did not find the document that was presented at the meeting and was stated would be up on the website by today. Since I have not been able to attend as many of the planning meetings as I would have liked, I did review the items I found and believe most of them to be congruent with forward looking progress, social responsibility and fiscal responsibility. I must say that I am sorry to Mr. Krawczyk departed so hastily and with no forewarning. I know that he presided over a contentious issue but did help bring progress, if not some consensus, to the project. It is indeed unfortunate that it appears the personal factors interfered with him being able to continue to effectively lead the committee. Perhaps you have been able to prevail on him to reconsider by this time. As an avid bicyclist, I am especially heartened to see the push to develop bicycle corridors and the general impetus toward developing recreational activity. Having just been to Australia, it is extremely interesting to see the priority they give to ensuring that there are abundant means of alternative transportation infrastructure such as bicycle, pedestrian and mass public transportation. While the Syracuse climate is not always conducive to biking or walking (understatement!), I believe that attention to such issues blends well with the other stated commitments to develop green spaces and promote alternative energy sources. I further believe that this will go a long way toward the future attractiveness of the area overall and help provide economic stimulus, especially to the smaller merchants and businesses in the area. Of course, this will be primarily an adjunct to any larger business development that occurs. Still, I believe that making the entire area more aesthetically and physically appealing will promote the desire for people to want to move into the area and, hopefully contribute to the tax base. While my main interest, of course, lies in protecting my current property asset on Parsons Dr., I also commend you for having spoken out about the rather short-sighted, self-interest individuals, primarily residing along the W. Genesee St. corridor. It is perhaps ironic that this corridor is perhaps the impetus for having brought to light the need for a comprehensive town plan. However, it does seem that the long-term viability of the town will require a coordinated effort and give-and-take on behalf of many residents. The way forward certainly is not through acrimony but addressing the issues that pertain to everyone individually and collectively. Threading that needle is definitely a tricky task but hopefully the committee can continue its diligent work along that line. It seems to me that the town has been getting its bang for the buck with the input from Barton & Logudice and hopefully the plan can be implemented smoothly and effectively. I also want to commend you for undertaking and overseeing this endeavor on behalf of the town. I know you get it from all sides! Since I did not get a chance to speak with you individually after the meeting, I thought I would take a few minutes to convey my thoughts to you in writing. Hopefully, I will be able to attend further planning committee meetings in the future. Thank you for your time. Best regards, Don Reeve

  4. Improve walkability between residential and commercial area by adding sidewalk between Westvale Plaza and Orchard Road. Add traffic control at Genesee and S. Orchard.

  5. I am a member of the Town of Geddes Planning Board. We had been requested to review the materials available, and conduct open discussion on the subject at our regularly scheduled meeting last night, 26SEP2018. In reviewing all materials presented, the most notable items to me were: a) the focus on being a lakeside community b) the strong identies of Lakeland, Solvay, and Westvale as the components making up the Town of Geddes c) an interest in public transit issues d) the goal of attracting businesses to help absorb tax base Being a “lakeside community”, it seems very clear that access to and use of that resource is significant. On the way to work I pass locations that have “Syracuse Bicycles” parked for use. I have never used that before, but it would be nice if a similar concept could be implemented with access points at locations along the waterfront trail/s. These might be at points cited in your report for improvement in crossing 690…. pick up a bicycle and cross and ride the trail system which is a nice recreational outlet. Perhaps provide bikes at the waterfront area across from Crucible where the buildings and docks are currently built and ride the system from there. I was previously unaware of the “Syracuse Bicycle” program, but this seems like a very nice idea to use at our venues. The comments related to “public transit” might by augmented to increasing routing via the Metro system… specifically to pickup items like described above. Make it easy for people to get from convenient locations within the overall town to the lakeside features described above. These could become points to highlight to out of town people during events like the State Fair, and during many other events that take place on the Fairground property that bring outsiders into the area. I suppose this becomes an issue of discussion with Metro…. and maybe it could be an arrangement fiscally deferred to the County who could derive a benefit by such capability advertising? There seems to be available property which might be considered for zoning consideration as “alternative energy” possibilities. NYSERDA has programs available for solar farms for example that might fit well with the interest in mind of identifying our collective community as a forward thinking model. This can take place again with NYSERDA based participation, and would be an opportunity to advertise via association with the State Fair, County, City, Centerstate CEO, etc. Make it part of a transit system access point. Push the power back into the grid infrastructure and help to defray tax base as a benefit. The Town is currently putting in a NYSERDA program backed undertaking to replace street lighting with LED equipment at a substantial benefit to the longer term cost of energy to operate this system. It was done in coorperation with Solvay Electric as well as the installer….. a fact of cooperation that should be advertised in the spirit of community! I understand there is a meeting on Oct 3 at the Solvay High School regarding presentation on this Comprehensive Plan. I hope to be there, and am happy to contribute these comments. Sincerely, Vince Bongio

  6. Robert Hawley
    Ask NYSDOT to do a updated Annual Average Daily Traffic count on what is consider the West Genesee Corridor. The last one was down on the week of 9/13/2006. I was told by the local office a few years ago that they do them every ten years. With the addition Delta Sonic and Township 5, plus all the new business growth it appears the AADT is due to be updated. Also a study of the amount of serious accidents at Parson and West Genesee as well as Terry and W. Genesee. Air quality should be tested at both those sites to include WG and Fay as that is where the most stop and go is because of the traffic lights. Finally please review and countless other reports, if one does a search, that point out how residential roads with AADT of 24 thousand cars a day is unhealthy for small children lungs. One of the most common diseases associated with these scientific reports is that children are susceptible to Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I can point out to people that have that and live right next to one of the traffic lights mentioned and whose bedrooms windows face West Genesee where at times during rush hour as many as 40 cars could star at once. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 315-488-4095. Thank you, Robert Hawley 2801 W. Genesee St.

  7. There is nothing substantial to assist these longstanding vacant properties on W. Genny to transition to a best use for town & owner as they sit & sit. We have growing sites for sale that will continue to sit due to lack of zoning vision. Pat’s Auto, Bed & Breakfast, Dr. Rogers, W. Genesee Sales, Hawley Studio as well as over 20 acres of vacant lands.

    There is no means in this plan to correct longstanding buildings and raw lands to sell for anything other than residential usage which no longer works on a 4 lane highway with 25K cars & trucks a day. Examples are all around us and recently a long home & 5+ acres, for sale, had to go to auction for 60K. This benefitted neither the town nor the seller. We have gridlock on W. Genesee St. and wish for you to explain what will work best for all. That was our hope and actually drove the commission of this plan. It requires correcting. Please be brave and help.There is nothing substantial to assist these longstanding vacant properties on W. Genny to transition to a best use for town & owner as they sit & sit. We have growing sites for sale that will continue to sit due to lack of zoning vision. Pat’s Auto, Bed & Breakfast, Dr. Rogers, W. Genesee Sales, Hawley Studio as well as over 20 acres of vacant lands.

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