The Town of Geddes and Village of Solvay have taken the initiative to partner together and create its first intermunicipal Comprehensive Plan to guide future policy and capital investments in the Lakeland – Solvay – Westvale communities. Preparation of a Comprehensive Plan represents the latest in a series of local and regional planning and economic development initiatives to help foster smart and sensible growth in the Town and Village.

The primary objectives for this important planning process are:

  • Facilitate conversations and activities among officials and community members to establish a Vision for the future. Identify issues, opportunities, and challenges facing the Town of Geddes and Village of Solvay;
  • Embark on a community-wide strategic planning process to establish a strong foundation for long-term smart growth and a responsible plan for capital improvements;
  • Identify, prioritize and advance strategic economic development initiatives; and,
  • Develop a strategic comprehensive plan that respects the community’s unique characteristics as a lakeside destination.